Job vacancy: Sales Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

·         Working for structural steel company as sales engineer

·         Having extensive knowledge about technology and technical expertise with marketing skills

·         Managing to sell various technological products to potential clients.

·         Providing solutions to technical queries of clients, marketing the product, attending trade shows, conferences and seminars on selling technical products.

·         Working in product improvement teams to analyze the success of products and eliminate its limitations.

·         Extensive traveling and frequent meetings with clients.

Educational Qualifications

·         Bachelor degree in business-related subjects or an engineering degree (Civil engineer and mechanical engineer)

·         Both technical and marketing qualifications are prefer


·         Good communication skills, technical knowledge and convincing skills form the most important part of this job.

·         Persuasion skills are a must.

·         Well communication in English (Speaking and Writing)


·         Knowledge and experience in selling steel building products

·         Experience in selling package projects

Human Resources Department