Vilentm participated in BUV project – contractor football competition

On April 13th and 20th, there were soccer matches between the Vilentm Joint Stock Company  and Ecoba Vietnam Joint Stock Company within the framework of the football competition between the BUV project contractors.

Vilentm’s team consists of 12 semi-professional and amateur players. Cheering for the event was Mr. Vu Le Giang – General Director and some staffs of the company.

Mr. Vu Le Giang – General Director of Vilentm., JSC took a photo with the team Vilentm 

Vilentm in white – blue dress

Two teams photographed before the ball rolling, Ecoba team wearing red clothes in blue pants

The Vilentm players practiced before the game

Photo taken 3 female fans of the team Vilentm

Some other pictures of the football match