Benefits of Residential Steel Buildings

All Future Buildings steel buildings are made from the most high quality steel that exists in the global market. It is thanks to the high quality steel business produces that we can offer our customers the best warranty in the business, a 30 year rust perforation warranty.

The main steel alloy is formed of a 55% mix of aluminum and 45% zinc. This unique alloy is then chemically bonded to the steel, resulting in a highly corrosive resistant product, whether it is Steel Garage Kits, Workshop Buildings, Steel Storage Sheds, or Carport Kits. The Galvalume coating gives our steel buildings at least twice the corrosion resistance of traditional galvanized steel. This means that your Future Buildings steel building will last twice as long with no increase in price.

Benefits of Residential Steel Buildings

Steel is resistant to damage from snow, wind, and rain, and it is resistant to fire. Steel buildings are stronger and more durable so they are more resistant to physical damage caused by normal daily wear and tear so there is reduced maintenance and repair expense. Steel is also resistant to such problems as termites, mold, and mildew. You will have a longer lasting and stronger building.

Residential steel buildings are very versatile as they can be used for storing vehicles and boats, storing hay or grain, dairy barn, storing machinery and other equipment, and much more. There are limitless possibilities for customizing your steel building. When you build a steel building, you get maximum usable space for minimum financial investment. As well, you have the benefit of improved security because it is more difficult breaking into a steel building.

Future Buildings have proven over the last 30 years that they can stand up to the tests of time, wear and tear, and weather. Our customers tell us they selected a steel structure over other traditional post and beam materials specifically to ensure peace of mind in the face of fierce winds, heavy snow loads and extreme storm conditions including hurricanes. As well, our expertise is being able to work quickly, efficiently and to deliver custom steel building projects. Best of all, Do-It-Yourself construction means you receive an easy to follow step-by-step erection manual so you just need some standard tools and the help of some capable friends.