VILENTM launching Composite Steel Decking & Frame System

In response to the growing demand in Vietnamese market for new technology in construction, VILENTM began the development of new product for the structural steel market. Thanks to applying the latest designed profile, our New COMPOSITE STEEL DECKING & FRAME SYSTEM can meet the highest requirements, offer clear advantages over traditional options:


·         Substantial Reduce cost of investment

·         Rapid speed of construction, reducing overall project time

·         Easily installation with minimal wastage

COMPOSITE STEEL DECKING & FRAME SYSTEM is typically used for multi-story buildings, offices and other commercial buildings.

With the aim of maximizing customers’ convenience, our company provides full package of services from design, supplying to installation. With highly experienced, talented, dedicated and objective oriented staff, we have established our position in the market by striving to ensure the highest quality of services to clients.


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