Seminar of introducing Composite steel Decking & Frame System

Seminar of introducing Composite steel Decking & Frame System.

October 2014 VILENTM organized successfully the seminar named “Introducing Composite steel Decking & Frame System” at The VCC Engineering consultants Joint Stock Company. VILENTM staff including Sales and Design department were present at the seminar. This event is one part of business strategy to introduce our new product concept in general and in particular to engineering consultants at VCC, one of the largest engineering consulting companies in Vietnam.


During the seminar, VILENTM’s representatives conveyed lots of useful information as well as explained all questions regarding to advantages, specification, calculation theory and some typical projects using Composite decking in Vietnam and the world.

The seminar was an opportunity not only for VILENTM to introduce new product but also for participants to understand application of new product completely. VILENTM highly appreciates the participation of valued engineering consultants. Hope that the Seminar would lead to successful co-operations in the future.

VILENTM plan to conduct some more seminars during 2015 aiming to maximize awareness of clients, customers, consultants about great advantages of Composite steel Decking and Frame System.